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Nature offers tremendous self-care potential by providing powerful and at the same time gentle healing plants. Those plants are the basis for our products. We have to give back to nature by making sustainability a priority.

Sharing Is Caring

By sharing information and offering support we encourage to give self-care a try. Our natural and safe products are predestinated for self-care.


The experience of the power of self-care is a form of empowerment for many of our customers. Empowering yourself offers the opportunity to empower others.

Customers Voice / Vol.90

"Customers Voice" Episodes in Japan


Every day after I got pregnant, I drink Pregnancy Tea because my friend recommended the tea to me. Herbal tea heals me. I am now in the last month of pregnancy. Because I've been drinking Pregnancy Tea continuously, my stomach has not stretched too much. In the winter I feel warm when I drink the tea.


Marien pharmacy offers many products of which "Women tea" is my favorite. I usually start drinking it 10 days before menstruation resulting in no irritations or depressions whatsoever. Beforehand, I used to take medication in the first phase of menstruation but do not need it anymore with that tea. When I forget to drink woman tea, I get PMS. That's why I'm so glad that I can do something about it now.


What I can say after nine weeks is this: This fermented garlic has a very positive effect on the digestive system. Although I eat a little more, I do not take it. You feel better!